Interview Questions
My helping spirit is my father. If I need to contact any other spirit, it is only through him that I contact them. Whenever I want to communicate with my father, I used to pray in my mind. After offering incense and camphor, I follow the writing method to communicate with him.

Are you tired of swimming against the stream of life? Can anything smoothen the path? Mr.R.P.Hari consoles people by getting help from the spirits. Beings from the next plane seem to be very fond of Mr.R.P.Hari. They Provide right advice through him to the troubled mankind. The interest in occult sciences (Astrology, Numerology, etc) Slowly led him to involvement in a research-group probing into ???contacting spirits???. He learnt the practices of conjuring spirits from them. He was amazed to find that the spirits were every ready to help the mankind. Here the divine psychic astrologer Mr.R.P.Hari explains some of his interesting experiences.

The concept of ???spirit??? induces fear in many people. How did you take this as a profession?

Like any common man, I was also afraid of spirits initially. In the preliminary stages, I just gathered facts about spirits. Later I came to know about both good and bad spirits and the precautionary methods to safeguard from bad spirits, which are very vital for any Medium slowly. I gained expertise in contacting only good spirits. So after that, I took it up as a profession.

When I meet a client, I never give predictions at the first meeting itself. I fix up an appointment and give the client the book published by me which contains facts about spirits ad case-studies. So, when they meet me at the date of appointment, they are mentally prepared about spirits (beside Astrology) and are ready to follow their guidance.

Do you remember your first exposure to spirits? How did you feel then?

Yes, I do and that was in 1984. My first exposure to spirits was through automatic-writing method. One night around 09-00 p.m. (as per the traditional procedure), before an oil lamp, I came in touch with a spirit named Damodaran. My hands suddenly became weak and numb. I was watching my hands (As a third person), as if they were not mine. Then my hand started shivering. They pen in my hand started moving automatically. The words were not clear. It took about an hour to get 15 words mostly of ???Yes??? or ???No??? type asked doubts relating to spirits themselves to Damodaran. My family was witnessing this incident doubting whether I was moving my hands myself. But it was not so. My first exposure was with fear, thrill, interest and also confusion, as it used to be for any new Medium (a Medium is a person who acts as a go-between and is able to receive messages from the spirits). The first spirits whom I contacted (Mr.Damodaran), was in touch with me for a period of six months.

Who was your teacher or guide in this field?

I joined a group of people who were conducting researches on spirits headed by Mr.Vikiravandi Ravichandran. There training was given to youngsters to contact spirits. Mr.Mohan, an advocate in this center, was my teacher who taught me the procedure. Then I developed this by reading many books on spirits. The spirits whom I came in touch with, themselves acted a guides for me in this field.

But after my father???s death in 1991, my father started to guide me and he is continuing to do so till now.

Did your family encourage your pursuit?

Since my native place is Kerala, occult practices are not new to my family. In Kerala, such practices (also black magic) still exist. So, they did not discourage me.

Are there any special qualities to became a medium?

There is no necessity for any special qualities to became a Medium but a proper guide is needed at the initial stages. The duration to become a Medium varies from person to person. Becoming a highly successful Medium depends upon the spirits one keeps in touch with or the spirits coming to them. If the spirit is powerful, the Medium can perform miracles with its help. All spirits are not equally powerful.

Do you feel exhausted after your work as Medium? Why?

After contacting a spirits, one will feel the temporary tiredness which is similar to the feeling after donating blood. The unseen energy (Aura) might have been disturbed. It is presumed that the energy (Aura) which forms an outline to the physical body is used by the spirits when it contacts a Medium. Moreover, the wavelength of Aura varies from person. When the Aura is affected, it results in tiredness.

Is it similar to the practices of Ouija board, automatic writing etc. practiced in the West also?

Ouija board and automatic writing are initial stages. The next step is the trans-medium where the spirit enters the body. I follow all the above methods according to the needs of the situation.

In the practice of conjuring spirits atheistic? Do religions allow it? Is this legal?

Praying to the holy spirits on All Saints day, All Souls day etc. are common in Christianity. Similarly Hinduism also has certain rituals to pray to the deceased members of the family to get their blessings. Just praying to the deceased members is not an atheistic practice. Generally people are not inclined to contact the spirits of their ancestors. But when spirits are called to achieve evil ends(witchcraft, blackmagic), that practice is forbidden. No religion has encouraged that practice. In a few countries, black magic is banned. Conjuring spirits is not considered scientific by many. Rationalists never accept this practice.

Kindly share with us some instances where your predictions have come true?

Once a man approached me to get some predictions.But he did not possess any horoscope. He did not know his accurate birth details also. I wrote some favorable predictions in a paper. I asked him to read them only during a particular auspicious time (nated down by me) He followed my instructions and read them accordingly. When I met him again after 7 months, he was very happy to tell me that all my predictions had come true. I just implanted in his mind some encouraging ideas about future during an auspicious time. Unconsciously he started working very hard towards his goal at an auspicious time, which was then turning point in his life. I have followed this technique in many cases and found success.

I advise my clients that remedial measures should be performed well in advance of the unfavorable period. People perform remedies only during times of trouble. But I feel that when a person is happy and confident, he should start doing pariharams to counter the bad effects of oncoming unfavorable periods. Your mind will continue to remain positive and you can easily overcome the difficulties. In my own case, I have verified this. Astrologically I calculated my unfavorable period and started doing pariharams well in advance. As expected, I fell very sick and the doctors diagnosed cancer inn my bladder. Bays passed by. I would be all right after a particular date. I was consoling my family and friends. Doctors decided tom conduct surgery. On the operation table, the chief surgeon found that there were no traces of cancer suddenly. The operation was stopped. I became normal and started attending my routine-work. My will-power did the magic assisted by spiritual strength attained through prayers, charity good acts and pariharams. (Pariharams are suggested by my ???spirit??? friends).

In another instance, the spirits advised me that punya (merits) accumulated both in the previous birth and the current birth should not be utilized for material progress always. These should be preserved tom utilize in crucial times like saving life from fatal accidents, sickness etc., Same thing happened in the case of a young man who approached me for progress in his career. When I solicited help from the spirits regarding my client, they said that his punya had to be utilized for saving him from a fatal accident which was due to take place soon. I also agreed to that and felt that ???giving life??? was more important than professional success. As expected, he was saved from the accident but remained without much professional success. They young man was helping others in as many ways as possible. Monetary help is not the only help. As his punya started growing again, he started climbing the ladder of success.

What type of remedies are suggested in general?

When a client approaches me, I first read his horoscope, especially the strength of the 9th house(Pitrusthna) and its lard. Then I can assess whether the native will be assisted by the spirits of his ancestors or not. In many cases, my guiding spirits (my father) has approached the spirits of that native???s family to lend a helping hand to his family members. I never recommend elaborate homes(poojas), but only silent meditation (prayers) to their ancestors. In some cases, the spirit has changed the mind of the enemy or opponent and thus the desired goal is reached.

Generally people believe that great spiritual masters like Ramana Maharishi, Shirdi Sai Baba and others do not take birth again; they have crosse3d the cycle of birth and death and attained salvation. What are your comments about this?

Sages and saints mingle and unite with the Universal force after they leave their mortal bodies behind.If they desire, they can take birth again in this world to guide the people in the right path towards salvation.