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About Us
Know the secrets of your Destiny :

Divine psychic Astrology is not like ordinary Astrology or Palmistry where predictions are based on principles of that particular subject. Moreover their predictions depend upon the level of mastery of the Astrologer on that subject. But Divine Psychic Astrology is something very unique. Here the Spirits of deceased Astrologers were evoked and predictions about you were directly passed on through Divine psychic Astrologer R.P.Hari.

In fact these are not predictions. These re recorded facts about you and your life. There is absolutely no ambiguity in these facts. Remedial measures to be followed, were also instructed by these Divine Spirits

Experience, the Extraordinary Predictions :

Voice of Divine Psychic Astrologer R.P.Hari

???Unlike other occult sciences, Divine Psychic Astrology is very authentic and crystal clear. For my success, Mr.Indra Soundarajan, (???Marma Desam??? ??? Writer) story Writer for T.V.Serials gave enormous encouragement and recommended me to reveal this Divine Psychic Astrology in Vijay T.V.???s Nayandi Darbar Programme. Based on his reference, many top officials from T.V.S. group came to me for predictions. Everyone felt amazed by Divine Psychic Astrology. My sincere thanks to Mr.Vikravandi Ravichandran who is involved in bringing up this Divine occult science to limelight.???

Top Predictions revealed by Divine Psychic Astrologer R.P.Hari

Mr.Raj Mohan Pillai, Director of Brittania Singapore regained his wealth after immeasurable loss.

Film Artists, Ms.Shakila, Ms.Sharmila became extremely popular in Malayalam Film Industry.

Mr.Vikravandi Ravichanran based on his prediction, started his career as a publisher for famous Tamil Magazine.

Mr.Vishwa,TV Actor has become fulltime artist as predicted by R.P.Hari.

Ms.Pepsi Uma???s brother will come across an unexpected accident and after that he will get married. This also come true.