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R.Tharakeshwari - I Block / 28th Street, Kambar Kudiyerrupu, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40.

My sister showed my horoscope to Mr.R.P.Hari. After reading my horoscope, he predicted that in very near future, the native of this horoscope will get affected by some nervous disease, due to which the native will be forced to be on a wheel chair and advised her some remedies to do. My sister told me about this prediction. I my self being a Doctor told my sister that all the prediction of Astrology will not be true. To find out a disease, we have to see many reports and after that only we come to a conclusion. This man R.P.Hari predicting about the disease so much in advance that it is not believable; we ignored his remedies. But surprisingly, his prediction came true and I was on a wheel chair. After that I met him and with his advice, I performed the remedies and within a short period, I recovered fully and started walking normally.

S.Latha - Vijay T.V. Executive Finance.

Change of Bank Luck – We were driven to extreme poverty in 1998 and we decided to meet Mr.R.P.Hari. We could not even afford his consultation charges. He analyzed our horoscopes and suggested some remedial steps. We followed the same sincerely. He predicted that our bad luck would disappear and we would prosper from 2000. We could not believe that, as we had already consulted many astrologers before in our life and no one had predicted correctly. But Mr.R.P.Hari was, indeed, very correct. Our business started flourishing and we bought our own house etc.,


Atheist how is it possible : I had a appointment on 14.03.2004 accordingly I met Mr.R.P.Hari. As soon as seeing my Horoscope he asked me recently was there any sad events in your family I said no. Then he gave me another appointment date on 24-04-2004 and said your charts shows some sad news is in store for you, before that I should not give and predictions. Surprisingly on 23.03.2004 my father expired.

V.Mallick Giri - S/o.V.V.Giri, Former President of India.

Mr.R.P.Hari has given a very correct picture of my past from my birth and generally he has given very accurate reading. He has also predicted very good time for me from 11.09.2004. If this happens I shall again go to Mr.Hari to congratulate him.

Vijay T.V.Nayandi Durbar

Divine psychic Astrology is not like ordinary Astrology or palmistry where predictions are based on principles of that particular subject. Moreover their predictions depend upon the level of mastery of the Astrologer on that subject. But Divine Psychic Astrology is something very unique. Here the Spirits of deceased Astrologers were evoked and predictions about your were directly passed on through Divine psychic Astrologer R.P.Hari. In fact these are not predictions. These are recorded facts about you and your life. There is absolutely no ambiguity in these facts. Remedial measures to be followed, were also instructed by these Divine Spirits.


Are you a divorcee or widow, trying for a second marriage?
My daughter got married on 19-08-1997; within one year, there were many quarrels between the in-laws and we applied for divorce. Divorce judgment was getting pending every now and then. We were fed-up with the court proceedings. A well known family friend advised us to meet Mr.R.P.Hari and he advised us to do some remedies. Within a short period, my daughter received divorce judgment and within one week she got married to a good gentlemen. Me, along with my family members thank R.P.Hari.

S.Balendran - 112, Thurlby Road, Wembley, London. Middx.Hao.

I came to India in the month of April 2006 from London and met Mr.R.P.Hari on 21-04-2006 and showed my Horoscope he has predicted my past cent percent correct and made me supperised. During the time he cautioned me to be careful in the month of July 2006 as there may be loss of finance and may be go for police help. I did’t take proper care about his prediction and came to India in connection with my business and went to Hyderabad while returning from Hyderabad on 25-07-2006 near airport some unknown people attacked me and stole my briefcase in which money and my passport were there. I gave a written complaint to Hyderabad Police authorities and returned to London. It was amazing that Mr.R.P.Hari’s Prediction came true.

Vadivukarasi - D/o. S.Mala, Plot -19,11/53, Lakshmi Nagar, Manali Pudhu Nagar, Chennai–103.

I met Mr.R.P.Hari, regarding my sister daughter’s Vadivukarasi horoscope. His predictions were 100% correct and satisfied. While reading the horoscope he said that the native of this horoscope is suffering with TB disease. We had gone for medical checkup and to our surprise the doctor confirmed the disease.



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