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Vishwa - Famous Sun TV 'Mettivoli' TV Serial Artist

In the year 1999, myself and my mother showed my elder sister’s horoscope to Mr.R.P.Hari.As soon as he went through the horoscope, he told me that the native of this horoscope should be a widow and mostly due to the presence of Nagdosha; death of the husband should be a sudden accidental one. We were surprised by his wonderful true prediction. Truly my brother-in-law expired in an accident in the year 1997. He also advised us that he can suggest remedies with the help of spirits and if we do the remedies, my sister will be blessed with a second marriage. In our Brahmin community, we don’t encourage 2nd marriage and we ignored his advice. In the same way, by seeing my mother’s horoscope, he predicted that she will be taking her last breath on 19-12-2002 and advised us to do some remedies. We ignored this advice also. His prediction came true and my mother expired on 19-12-2002. After this incident, we went to Mr.R.P.Hari and told the facts and asked him to help us for the remedies to be done for my elder sister for to removal of Nagdosha. Accordingly we did the remedies on 21-04-2003 and my sisters got married on 24-08-2003. If we have done, this remedies at the time of his first advice, atleast my mother would have seen my sisters second marriage and left the world peacefully.

R.Venkatesan - Mylapore, Chennai-4. Ph : 24613348.

Unexpected foreign Travel :- I met Mr.R.P.Hari in Jan 2002 to show my grandson’s horoscope. At the time, he predicted that my grandson will be traveling abroad in connection with his education during he 2nd half of the year. I did not believe this, because we are not sound financially; but surprisingly my grandson got aid from U.K.Govt. for his education and left India to London during September 2002.

N.Sivabalan - No.26, Kuttinayakan Street, Chinntadripet, Chennai–2.

I learnt “Automatic Writing” through Mr.R.P.Hari within a few days I started contacting Spirits. During which a spirit for told me that my Grandmother will expire on 13-06-2001, and I told the same to my family members, surprisingly the prediction was true. Another time my mother was suffering from unbearable stomach pain, with the help of the spirits I kept my hand on the stomach and within five minutes my mother was releived from the pain, without any medicine.

I am also happy with predictions given by Mr.R.P.Hari which became true. He predicted me that I will be successful in Music and singing. Has predicted my devotional songs sung by me released in form of Audio Cassettes, and the sales and offers from big music companies are encouraging.

R.Kannaiah - 13, Jani Batcha Street, Chennai-14.

After taking training from Mr.R.P.Hari now I am able to contact by deceased father and some other spirits. We published an advt. in Newspaper for the post of Nurses to work at Beharain Military Hospital. Unexpectedly due to unknown reasons on 21-09-2002 Police arrested us stating that we are false agents. The same matter was released in leading newspaper and T.V. media, we were in jail for six days. After that we met Mr.R.P.Hari and asked for remedies he also promised us and assured us that our problems will be solved. Surprisingly in Oct.2002, an officer from Beharin Embassy came personally and told police that we are the true agents and we were relieved from the case we are thankful to Mr.R.P.Hari.

SK.S.Aravind Raaj - SuperCars,No.1, Chamiers Road, Nandanam, Chennai-35. Ph : 24340152

My close friend’s sister Prathiba’s wedding date was fixed for 17th October 2004. All arrangements were made in Hotel Connemara. Earlier, Mr.R.P.Hari predicted that his wedding would not take place. By that time we had made full payment to the Hotel and distributed invitations also. Again we asked him. He was firm in his prediction. Accordingly, 10 days before the wedding, the bridegroom suffered a heart attack and underwent Byepass surgery. The wedding was cancelled. In my friend’s circle no one believes in Astrology. But everyone was taken aback when Mr.Hari’s prediction became true.

S.Swaminathan / Radha - No.31/16 Neelkanta Mehta St,T.Ng, Chennai-17.

Ours was a late marriage. Even after 12 years, my wife did not conceive. We spent lot of money for medical treatment, but in vain. Having dejected, we came to know about Mr.R.P.Hari and met him on 07-08-2004. He examined my horoscope, ad predicted that we were a childless couple. Then he asked us to perform a small remedial pooja, after praying to our forefathers. We did the poojas without much faith. But surprisingly, the next month, my wife conceived.

S.Gajendran - 19,Kandanst,Perumbur,Chennai-11.

I got married on 09-06-1997. Right from day one, there was no co-operation from my wife’s side. With all that, when a child was born, the matter went upto court, and I was not allowed to see the child. Meantime, I met Mr.R.P.Hari. He suggested some remedies. By the time the remedial poojas were done, we got divorced (July 2003). But Mr.R.P.Hari assured that due to the effect of pooja, we would be united before 17-10-2003. As per his predictions, situation slowly started improving. Ultimately e got reunited on 15-10-2003.

Jaisankar - B3, Hari Homes Apmts, No.2, Anna St, Saligramam, Chennai-93.

I got married in 1995 and my wife could not conceive for two years. I approached Mr.R.P.Hari. On seeing my horoscope he suggested some remedies and told me that my wife will conceive between 28-07-97 and 30-12-97. I followed the same and to my surprise, my wife conceived on 02-10-97 and we blessed with a female child.

Ms.Anusuya Madhava Rao - Daughter of Former Governer of Kerala Mrs.Jothi Venkatachalam.

I showed my horoscope to Mr. Hari without telling my background. Mr. Hari told all the incidents of past in detail with correct month & year of occurence. We were astonished! He also told the expiry date of my mother (Mrs. Jothi Venkatachalam, Former Kerala Governer) by seeing my horoscope.
He also told about the Heart Bye-pass Surgery which I wne through in detailed manner & we were shocked.



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