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S.Ve.Sekar - Actor

S.Ve.Sekar EX.M.L.A. Tamilnadu Assembly Mr.R.P.Hari Predicted that I will win the assembly election from on his prediction on the day of election and also on the day of counting of votes. Before that many astrologers who predicted my victory before elections changed their prediction and said one day before vote counting(except R.P.Hari) that I may loose the election. For me most of R.P.Hari’s predictions came true and he also predicted that in further I will be a Minister of the State.

Pepsi Uma - SUN T.V.

I am your Pepsi Uma! Shri R.P.Hari has changed me fully to believe in astrology in spite of my not believing in astrology at all. He exactly predicted about my Sister’s marriage. So quite naturally I fell in his astrology. I started to surprise when I met him. As soon as he started predicting about me, my family’s other unknown matters., all were true only. Usually I am not a person to give something in writing. But here I write to say, such an art-astrology should not vanish. Whatever R.P.Hari predicts becomes true. So I recommend crores of people to get benefited thro R.P.Hari.

V.Meenakshi Sundaram - No.48 Kutcherry Road, Mylapore, Chennai-4.

It is since 16 years I got married and remained childless. We spent a lot but all in vain, when I met R.P.Hari finally, he advised to do some Pariharas. We did what he said. Now I am happy to say I am carrying from September – 2006.

L.Praveen Kumar - 10-A F#s, Sankara Aprt, 7th St, Karthikeyapuram, Chennai-91.

In the year 1999, my per month salary was only Rs.2000/-. When I met R.P.Hari, he changed my original name Shanker Ganesh into L.Praveen Kumar and adviced to follow some Pariharas. When I did the same, my entire life got changed. Now I am a Senior Software Engineer in HCL Technologies drawing a Salary of Rs.40,000/- per month. I got my own house in 2004. My marriage was a grand occasion. This is all due to Shri. R.P.Hari’s prediction only.

L.Vasanta - Flat-7, SriJay Aprts, No.47, West Circular Rd, Mandaveli Pakkam, Chennai–28.

I took idea from Shri R.P.Hari regarding my son-in-law who is working in NASA-United States regarding Green Card on 21-04-2003. He then predicted, we would get it after 11-06-2005. To all our surprise, the Green Card came to us on 14-06-2006. My son-in-law who is a scientist got puzzled over Shri. R.P.Hari how could this be possible.

G.Kuruvammal - G. Kuruvammal, General Hospital, Chennai-1.

N:Mr.Hari, you have any other proof for your true predictions?

Hari: I have published a book and distributing it freely. You can ring up 25547900 and verify a recent incident.

The Journalist, in his usual manner, ring up the number.The party’s version is as follows : My name is G.Kuruvammal, working as receptionist in G.H. I got operated for heart problem four times. In October 2004, I was admitted in Hospital after I was about to collapse; (my left ventricle stopped functioning). My daughter immediately contacted Mr. Hari, who visited the hospital and prayed for me. Soon, the affected part started functioning. Doctors said, It was a miracle. After this incident, I started believing spirits.

KRI Padmanaban

I was working in UTI Bank, esquire centre No.9, M.G.Road, Bangalore.

I heard about Mr.R.P.Hari and met him with my horoscope.Immediately after seeing my horoscope he has predicted some events date wise exactly. I was surprised by his predictions, he asked to do some remedies accordingly, we have done the remedies in June 2005 after performing the remedies he said that there will be a remarkable change in my career. Surprisingly I got a very good job in Bank Dhofar, Muscat Sultanate of Oman. With a decent salary. Now I am in Muscat Happily with my family.

C.G.Balakrishnan - No.25, Raghavan Colony, 2nd Street, Vadapalani, Chennai–25.

I was working in Animal Welfare board of India, Chennai(a Central Government Undertaking). I was suspended from office for without any reason and I tried to rejoin in many ways. All my attempts ended in vain. Finally, I approached Mr.Hari and he suggested to do some pariharas and told that I will rejoin within a short period of performing the pariharas. I did the pariharas and I have been reinstated in my job as per the court order. I am very much thankful to Mr.Hari.

Actor Mr.Madan Bob - Actor

In the year 1982, Mr. Madan Bob met Mr. Hari. At the time Mr. Madan was music director & he was told by Mr. Hari that he will become an actor which come true.



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